I recently spent the afternoon with Jack, Julie and their gorgeous daughter Katie for a family portrait session.

We were very lucky with the weather so we went over to Duddingston Loch. We seemed to have the place to ourselves, which meant we could get Katie relaxed and comfortable with her surroundings.


We fed the ducks near the water's edge, however there was a very large swan that tried to 'photobomb' my lovely photo of Katie...and was very keen to get as close to Jack as it could


Katie was very keen to play with her multi-coloured plastic eggs

We then wandered around Dr Neils Garden. Katie was roaming around like a little 'Alice in Wonderland' and the family now have these memories captured and framed.

"This garden is the result of the imagination and dedication of Dr Andrew and Nancy Neil. It has sometimes been called Edinburgh's Secret Garden."

Please see more info at www.drneilsgarden.co.uk