Pets play a very important role in many families (often another family member)...and that's no exception for Dougie and Kai, who have re-located to Scotland from Australia.

Sarah, originally from Scotland, could not separate these two buddies, nor could she leave them behind, so they have exchanged a hot climate for a much cooler one here in Scotland.

Dougie (a small mix-breed) and Kai (a playful Rottweiler) roamed some woodland near Milnathort, occasionally wondering why they weren't on a sandy beach in the sun.


I spent the shoot capturing them playing, and learnt little personality traits about each one, just like I do during 'human' portrait sessions.

These two certainly kept me on my toes though, dodging dog slavers and a chew toy.

Much like the famous characters from 'The Lion King' (Timon and Pumba), these two could most definitely step in for 'The Lion King 4'. Not only are they best of friends, but Dougie (or Timon) is the boss. Kai, albeit large and strong, it in actual fact clumsy, silly, and loves his cuddles. And where one goes, the other goes...usually Dougie followed by Kai!

Growing up I loved the relationship between Timon and Pumba...their unlikely friendship that saw the two of them getting up to mischief and getting involved in playful battles. 

And here they are...Timon and Pumba!