Entertaining 3 different aged children while discreetly capturing them play can be somewhat challenging for a photographer, however this recent lifetysle session with Jack, Molly and Harry was a whole lot of fun. 

The session was a surprise for their parents and organised by their Auntie Isla. We were extremely lucky with the weather and so decided to go down to Loch Ore Meadows, a Country Park in Fife, offering a perfect backdrop and lots of space to play.

Being early in the morning, we found we had the place to ourselves, and our first stop was the locomotive engine. This piece of historic machinery was once used to transport coal from the mine, and is now a train on route to London...apparently. Jack, Molly and Harry used their imagination and some role play, and being the kid I am, I just couldn't help but join in.

We sat up front and had a right old giggle!

Its important for me to photograph kids who are naturally enjoying themselves, and who haven't been asked to "smile for the camera"...however saying that, there are ways to 'encourage' laughter...however I won't go into the particular methods that were used here ;-)

Another important part of a lifestyle session is capturing natural play, and this is difficult if children are restricted by trying to maintain clean clothes and always looking at the camera. Jack, Molly and Harry were all assured by Isla and myself that they would not get in trouble for getting muddy. Harry, however, may have mistook this for "lets gets muddy", with his cute little tendency to keep tripping up with all the excitement...but Isla brushed down his knees and off he went again.

Matching maroon tops and smiles!

We ventured into the woods to 'hunt for grizzly bears', Jack taking the lead as he is the eldest.


I followed them around, capturing their imagination and role play, and trying to be quiet so we didn't disturb the grizzly bears...however at one point I was clearly making a little too much noise..."ssshhh".

Sibling love...which perhaps Harry is a little too cool for.

We spent some time at the play park where they had endless shots on the 'volcano'.

At one point we had a little crash, which was quickly laughed off so they could have another go.

We finished the session throwing pebbles in the calm loch, getting even muddier, and a little wet. Amongst all the muddy knees and hands, were three rather tired-out siblings...must have been all the play and laughter.

"Off to McDonalds!"