I feel its so important for me to remain creative and continually try out new idea's. My personal work is sometimes neglected, while I focus on customers and commercial projects. However recently I was determined to pursue a concept I have had since last year, and with a little research and creativity, I finally planned it.

Smoke grenades have always been something I've been keen to experiment with, and were the main focus of this particular photoshoot. I collaborated with The Studio Hair Company and Leslie Sneddon MUA to produce a body of work that captured my colourful inspirations and love of light and texture.

I purchased Enola Gaye smoke bombs that are let off by a wire-pull mechanism. They emit smoke for roughly 90 seconds, which is no time at all while photographing a model, so I made sure to buy enough to do a test with, and still have an even number of grenades to use on both models.

We worked with 2 models, Isla and Jennifer, who had very different looks, and complimented our theme perfectly.

We prepared the models before-hand in The Studio Hair Company's salon. The hair stylists, Sarah and Taylor, created two different looks. Isla was styled bohemian with a natural 'lived-in' feel, while Jennifer was styled edgy with texture and sharp lines. Leslie brought a makeup assistant with her (Louise) and together, they created two very current and soft looks on both girls, using peaches and warm pastel tones. 

We only had a 10 minute drive to reach the location for the shoot. I had previously done some location scouting and after much deliberation, decided on Blair Adam forest in Kelty. The forest, owned by the Forestry Commission, had everything I was looking for in a location; It was sheltered from wind, had various types of wooded areas, and was also far from any main roads.

We started the shoot by letting off a red smoke grenade to test how they worked. It was also very important that I test the wind, which would greatly effect the direction the smoke moved in, and how much of it would collect and settle around the model.

The smoke grenades worked perfectly so I shot various stills and video for each model. The red/pink smoke grenade was paired with the bohemian look, and I shot this in a very well lit area of the woods. This would help create a more 'dreamy' and soft feel. I then photographed Jennifer in a darker part of the woods to create stronger shadows, and to also amplify the effect of the blue smoke.

During each smoke grenade, there was a chance to touch up hair and makeup, and a chance for me to re-evaluate the light, which continued to change throughout the afternoon and created different backdrops and lighting effects.

I experienced a few difficulties on the shoot, but I would definitely use smoke grenades again. And I want to thank my very supportive and creative collaborators who helped to make it all come together. Please comment below if you have any questions regarding the smoke grenades or the shoot itself. Id be happy to give more information on these to anyone interested in using them...they're pretty cool!

 ...and here are the final set of images...

Photographer : Rachael Sture

Hair Stylist's : Sarah Scott, Taylor Philbin, Nikki Thain

MUA : Leslie Sneddon

MUA Assistant : Louise Otey

Models : Jennifer and Isla