Welcome baby Arlo!

I had the pleasure of meeting Arlo recently who was 19 days new. This lifestyle session took place in their home, and was an opportunity for me to capture Arlo and his family naturally, and document those precious first moments.

My lifestyle newborn sessions are all about letting a new baby be who they are. I let the baby have their own space and comfort to be documented in their natural beauty and simplicity. Images taken during lifestyle sessions are more ‘true-life’, and with a baby as alert as Arlo, this style of session works perfectly.

A birth announcement is a perfect keepsake. I produce video and photo announcements so you can share with family and friends. They are ideal for sharing on social media, or to send to Grandparents as a postcard.


With newborn sessions, babies are best captured within the first 14 days of birth while they are still very sleepy and flexible. However with lifestyle sessions the ideal time is after this period, when baby starts to become more alert and aware of their surroundings...

This was definitely the case for Arlo!

While I moved around the bed he was lying on, he followed me around, rarely breaking eye contact. It is widely known that newborn babies tend to see mostly shadow and motion with very little detail. However I have also read that some researchers think that babies also see things upside down for a short period of time until their eyes learn to flip the image...Perhaps that was why he was looking at me so strangely!

There was lots of funny face-pulling going on...and at just 19 days old I reckon he is already filled with bundles of character.

Arlo is now little brother to Ellice, who was extremely excited to have her photos taken. With lifestyle sessions it's a chance for family members to really be involved and captured in a similar way. 

Trying to be discreet while capturing some sister cuddles...but he is on to me!

Nothing quite like a Daddy's glance.

and Megan...just glowing!

An absolutely gorgeous family with a new member!